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Michael Vyner

Michael Vyner (1943-1989) – English manager, musical director of the London Sinfonietta from 1972.

To a question posed by Zofia Owińska: “Was it a friendship?”, Witold Lutosławski answered: “It would be difficult to say whether it was a friendship. He was the artistic director of the London Sinfonietta who was responsible for its musical programs, and a great enthusiast and passionate of contemporary music, which was the object of his great interest and efforts. It was this orchestra which first organized a concert of my compositions in London, and then invited me to conduct these works. Next year, they will even do a small festival of my music” (the conversation took place in 1992).

Witold Lutosławski dedicated his Chain I to Michael Vyner and the London Sinfonietta. The composer himself conducted its world premiere in London on October 4, 1983. He also lead a performance of the composition at a Covent Garden concert devoted to the memory of Michael Vyner (1989). (kt / trans. mk)