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Marc Neikrug

Marc Neikrug (b. 1946) — American composer and pianist. He wrote a considerable number of compositions in various genres. Of these, the theatrical work Through Roses – a story about a violinist who survived Auschwitz – and the anti-nuclear opera Los Alamos, enjoy the greatest popularity. In the mid-70s, Marc Neikrug begins his continued performances and he records in the role of a pianist with Pinchas Zukerman. Witold Lutosławski composed the Partita for violin and piano (1984) with the two artists in mind, a piece commissioned by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. (Pinchas Zukerman was its musical director at the time.) Zukerman and Neikrug first performed the Partita on January 18, 1985.

In a commentary to the composition Witold Lutosławski wrote in part: “The work consists of five movements. Of these the main movements are the first (Allegro giusto), the third (Largo) and the fifth (Presto). The second and fourth are but short interludes to be played ad libitum. A short ad libitum section also appears before the end of the last movement. The three major movements follow, rhythmically at least, the tradition of pre-classical (eighteenth-century) keyboard music. (...) Harmonically and melodically, the Partita clearly belongs to the same group of recent compositions as the Symphony no. 3 and Chain 1”. (kt / trans. mk)