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Trasa Oslo I

This route takes in places in the capital that were of particular significance for Arne Nordheim.

It begins at the building that housed the Conservatory at the time when Nordheim was starting his musical studies, in 1948. The next stop is the site of the former missionary house on Calmeyergaten, which exerted a decisive influence on Nordheim’s path in life. It was here that he heard Mahler’s ‘Resurrection’Symphony, and that experience led him towards composition. When the Norway Opera was located in the Folk Theatre, Nordheim wrote reviews of the shows for the capital’s newspapers. His music for the ballets Strender [Beaches] and Stormen [The tempest] was also performed here.

During the years 1964–66, Nordheim was president of the New Music Association, and from 1974 to 1979 of the Norwegian Composers’ Union. For eight years, he chaired the Music Committee on the Norwegian Culture Council, and he himself also received the Council’s honorary award. For many years, the Council was located in the vicinity of the Old Lodge, where Nordheim, as a poor student, waited for occasional freelance work as a dockhand. From here, it is just a stone’s throw to the seat of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet.

Just a little bit farther, and we reach the Bekkelaget sewage treatment plant, where in the gigantic halls, on specific dates, Arne Nordheim’s sound installation Dråpen [Drop] can be found. (jc)