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Trasa Europe

The European trail begins in Warsaw, where Nordheim received many new stimuli during his successive visits to the Warsaw Autumn festival and during his work at the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. Many of his works have been performed in the Polish capital and in several other cities of Poland.

In Germany, it is mainly Nordheim’s ballet music that has been played. In the Netherlands, Amsterdam was particularly significant for the composer. It was here that he first heard the Concertgebouw orchestra, which later performed his works and commissioned music from him.

Through the ISCM’s Music Days, organised in various places in Europe, Nordheim made contact with colleagues and organisers of musical life who propagated his music in their festivals. In many of his works, the composer used Italian texts; hence they have often been performed in Italy.

A prime mover in propagating Nordheim’s music in the UK has been the BBC, for example broadcasting concerts from the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. (jc)