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3 Olavsgate, Larvik

Actually, not much is known about Arne Nordheim's childhood. Not until the 1980s, when the number of interviews grew proportionately to his fame, would he allow the public glimpses of what he thought and felt about his adolescence. Then he tried to interpret his artistic choices in the light of his childhood experiences.

Arne’s parents, Erling and Emma Nordheim, came to Larvik from Hedrum, where the composer's grandfather was a farmer and carpenter, living on the Nordheim farm. As the name suggests, the place was located on the northernmost limit of the parish, next to Hedrum church. Johan and Ellen Nordheim had ten children, and their son Erling was the second youngest. Like most farm children, Erling learnt a practical trade and became an artisan. The farm was sold in 1919, and for the next few years he worked as a carpenter in Hedrum, after which he moved to Larvik.

As a woodworking expert, Erling Nordheim managed a small ski factory in the 1920s and 1930s, manufacturing and exporting skis with stainless steel rims. It is interesting that a pair of such skis were bought in 1927 in Zürich by the German existential philosopher Martin Heidegger, who was an avid skier.

In 1931, Emma and Erling moved to 3 Olavsgate in Larvik, together with their son Johan. Arne Nordheim was born on 20 June 1931.

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13 Øvre Jegerborggate, Larvik Other
3 Olavsgate, Larvik Other
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